Many people just don’t get the allure in fishing and the feeling of delight when you catch a load of fish on a fishing trip. My father had a passion for fishing and nothing made him happier than the tension in the tackle that indicated that he had caught a fish. Naturally, I got my passion for fishing from him with my favorite childhood memories being of the fishing trips all over Canada. I don’t think of fishing as just another hobby, I see it as a lifestyle. And everybody who wants to gather knowledge to succeed in fishing and everybody who wants to read stories and share their own would find this blog a great refuge!

One thing that I always found frustrating was that there aren’t many resources available online for individuals that can tutor them in ways of modern fishing. It’s not just that there is a dearth of quality guides and resources; there is hardly a place online where experienced individuals share their fishing stories and talk about fishing trips. If you would do a basic search you would find that there are many resources and fishing blogs written for American audiences but these blogs and websites would be of no use since they aren’t designed to apply to fishing issues in Canada.

The main motivation behind starting Bass Depot is to give every Canadian fishing enthusiast a one-stop shop for all questions and answers related to fishing bass in Canada. There is an allure in catching every kind of fish but I find bass fishing the most interesting. This is why this website is entirely dedicated to everything about fishing bass in Canada. From tips that help you select the rods and reels that work best for catching bass to locations where you will catch a great number every time and from stories of my fishing trips that will help you make your own plans to notifications about special offers at fisheries and at fishing stores, Bass Depot would serve as a complete guide and resource for bass fishing in Canada. And obviously, you can get in touch with me, the quality writing staff as well as fellow fishing enthusiasts in the comments section to share your own experiences and tips as well!