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Jeff Gustafson Stands Out Among American Fishing Champs

000124970_original_650x650Canadian bass fisher Jeff Gustafson has been making rounds in the fishing leagues for four years. He is the only Canadian fisherman angling on the day that has become quite a name in the circle of American fishermen. Once again, he stood out among American bass pros when he snagged the 34th place among 170 bass fishers in Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Other than this fishing event, Gustafson states that he has five more to attend which are all based in the U.S. His goal is to qualify for a spot in the Forrest Wood Cup for the first prize of $500,000.

Because of his prowess, many other Canadian fishermen have been getting into the scene as well trying to make a name for themselves. Following Gustafson, we have the Johnston brothers Chris and Cory who won 3rd place and 38th place at the Okeechobee event respectively.

Gustafson is also known to be a proud Canadian that shows of his Canadian style aluminum boat in a river full of common fiberglass boats. His next target is the FLW event in South Carolina.

Gustafson is one of the few Canadians who have penetrated the US fishing scene and has become a figure that all Canadians can definitely be proud of.

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