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16th Annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship

Bass fishers from all over North America united a week ago in Rainy Lake for the sixteenth yearly Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. With legendary anglers like Troy, Al, and James Lindner; chief of Rapala marketing, Mark Fisher; President of Northland Fishing Tackle, John Peterson; and defending champion for three years in a row and FLW Tour ace, Jim Moynagh, this competition has drawn attention from a large number of the best bass fishers from central and mid-west Canada. Kayaks for were also the flavor of the day with many of the avid entrants showing off their best fishing kayak ideas for the onlookers.


For me, something that’s one-of-a-kind about the location, Rainy Lake, is that fishers can actually get smallmouths in many distinct ways. The Lindners spearheaded a nibble for suspended fish in the years 2003 and 2004 when they placed first in the competition. In the succeeding years, most of the huge lures originated from fishers angling offshore for suspended fish that are known for eating smelt.

The greatest astonishment of the weekend occurred on Saturday when Al Lindner and his child, Troy, lured in three huge largemouth basses to scale as a major aspect of their staggering 19.80 pound catch. There have been a couple of little largemouths caught and weighed in on the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship in previous years. However, none of which had much effect on the last rankings compared to these new ones, which landed in the seventh spot. Al additionally specified that he had lured in quite a handful of huge largemouths as well in practice. Indeed, this could get individuals participating in the succeeding year to push so much harder. With the events that happened, the pressure is on.

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