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To Catch a Bass, You Have to Be the Bass

Located up north, the Canadian waters are home to the likes of the Small and the Largemouth. These species of bass are considered to be one of the most popular game fishes in the world. Bass fishing can be somewhat a tricky thing to master, but with the right technique, you’ll be able to master this exciting sport in no time.


Most of us are probably familiar that the best time to hunt for bass is during the pre-spawn period during spring time. In order to increase our chances of securing a bass, we also need to know what the habits of the bass are so that we can take advantage of the period when they are most likely to come out of their hiding place. Other than that, we have to know our surroundings especially the waters (like its depth, temperature, etc) by studying the map instead of leaving everything to chance. That’s like stepping into the coliseum without any weapons and praying to God you won’t be eaten by the wild animal that’s been placed there.

Getting back on track, one particular thing that people fail to do is the lack of consideration in the position of their boat. This is probably because people are more focused on gathering the right tools on landing that bass and getting this fish into their boats. I know this because I kept on failing miserably when I didn’t realize that the positioning of the boat was so important. Bass can be easily spooked during this time of the year especially during pre-spawn, so be aware of your boat’s motor. Turn it off a couple of yards before you approach the bed and secure the boat as you face the sun head on so that there will be no shadow. You can use a push-pole to position yourself much better and getting into that precise location.

Now that you know one of the hidden secrets to successfully catching that much awaited bass in the Canadian waters, the remaining question is when do we start? You’ll land that fish in no time! Just make sure you’ve done your homework and as they say, the rest is history!

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