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Trip Down Memory Lane – How I Caught My First Bass

There are plenty of bass found in my area. I had always wanted to go bass fishing but never had the time for it. Lucky enough for me, I grew up now too far away from one of the best fishing spots in Canada, Jasper National Park.

So one day I planned for the fishing trip and went to the lake in my area to catch some bass. Since I was a newbie to fishing, I did not get any bass that day. There were a number of reasons for my returning empty handed but the most important one among them was that I was using the wrong baits and lures. Being new to fishing I had thought that all types of baits work for all types of fishes but I soon found out this wasn’t the case.

As my first fishing trip was a bust, I decided to prepare myself properly for my next trip. I researched the baits and lures that were considered most appropriate for luring bass and also called up some of my friends who have some experience of bass fishing. Through my research I found out that soft plastic lures were ideal for catching bass. Baits made from soft plastic material work well not only in grassy and weedy lakes but also in smooth bottoms. The lake in my area was a smooth bottomed one so I decided to go on my second fishing trip armed with soft plastic lures of many colors and sizes.

My research was not limited to finding out about the best lure. Since I was committed to catching my first bass, I also researched techniques for catching this fish. My friends told me that there are many techniques that can be used for bass fishing but the one that works best is “Dragging”. Upon further research I learnt that dragging is one of the most easiest and effective techniques used for catching bass which can be mastered by even novices like me. It involves the use of a Carolina Rig which is composed of a plastic lure, leader, a swivel, a brass clacker, beads, a sinker and a main line.

maligne_fishingHaving geared up appropriately for my fishing trip and armed with the right technique for bass fishing, I went to the lake once more in the Jasper National Park. As I had worked really hard in learning all there was to know about catching bass, I was confident that I would catch one soon but it took a few hours of fishing before I got my first bite. It was a thrilling experience for me and in my haste I was not able to retrieve quickly and lost the bass. Despite the failure, I kept on going and within a few minutes I got another bite and this time I was able to get my reward, a beautiful smallmouth bass.

It really was an exciting experience for me. I got to catch my first bass and it was worth all the effort that I made prior to it. So, if you want to catch bass too then remember to use a soft plastic lure and make use of the dragging technique. Try this combination and I guarantee that you will be successful in catching bass all year round.

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