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Family Fishing Trips at Kootenays

Kootenays is a perfect tourist destination for lovers of bass fishing. It boasts these lakes: Wasa Lake and Jim Smith Lake, close to Cranbrook, British Columbia; Duck Lake, close to Creston, BC, and Lake Windemere in Invermere. For over three decades, British Columbia has been among the leading providers of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

Just fifty kilometres away from Cranbrook town, Wasa Lake is also within reach from Bavarian— a town in Kimberley. Wasa Lake has warm waters, explaining why it attracts many families that love to do largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing during their holidays. If you are, indeed, looking to travel with your wife and kids on your upcoming fishing trip, consider visiting Waka Lake and its surroundings. Besides involving families in fishing adventures, the area offers them so many other enjoyable activities like hiking, mountain biking and viewing its beautiful landscape.

ducklakeKnown as one of the top lakes in the entire British Columbia, Duck Lake produces the best quality bass in big quantities. Duck Lake is near the south area of Kootenay Lake, opposite Kootenay River, and it is accessed easily through the highway 3A, Sirdar, or Duck Lake Road, Wyndell. On average the lake produces bass that range between 2 to 3lb, even though it has been found to produce largemouth bass of up to 10lb. There are smallmouth bass in plenty in Duck Lake too. Providing milfoil vegetation in plenty, this shallow lake offers fish the finest habitat and the best area to go fishing is in the middle of the lake. Since it is a shallow water lake, Duck Lake enables you to use baits like flies and as many underwater fishing tactics as you can.

Situated just 5 kilometres to the east of Cranbrook, Jim Smith Lake is popular for largemouth Bass fishing. Boasting up to thirty-five campsites, Jim Smith Lake has enough room for families that want to try fishing during their vacations in the area. While use of motor boasts is not fully allowed, as there are restrictions, families can expect to easily access their favourite fishing spots because the waters are usually calm.

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