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Describing the Okanagan Valley

Alternatively called Okanagan Country or Okanagan, Okanagan Valley is a popular region in British Columbia, a well-known Canadian province. Okanagan Valley is a big basin consisting of Okanagan Lake and the Okanagan River section located in the Canadian side. This valley is a segment of the Okanagan Country that extends into the United States. It is called Okanagan Country in the US. The major town in the area is known as Kelowna and the whole of Okanagan region hosts up to three hundred and forty thousand people. Among the things that make the area so famous among tourists include the dry and hot climate and lovable people who boast an admirable lifestyle. Okanagan offers many outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, watersports and boat riding, and so those looking to travel with their families are set to have an unforgettable trip. Also popularly known for its orchards, Okanagan Country has recently seen agriculturists who have started to launch vineyards. As this famous tourist attraction region is in the border of Canada and the US, getting in and out from either nation is not a problem. It is advisable to drive your own car, if you are not planning to travel too far, as the roads are totally passable.


The best moment to do your fishing activities here in Okanagan valley is spring. This is considered the best spawning period of the year and pre-spawned fish are in plenty. There is a series of spectacular lakes in South Okanagan where big bass swim from Vernon to Osoyoos. In particular, you should visit lakes like Osoyoos, Skaha and Vaseux if you are looking to catch larger fish in larger quantities. Like other lakes Osoyoos should be visited during the spring season, although large fish fishing activities are done all through the year.

If you are looking for memorable recreational activities like watersports, beach fun and boating, come to Skaha Lake. It is a relatively larger lake found at the south of Penticton. Known for its huge fish, Skaha Lake is also the best lake for bass fishing. It can be reached from many towns, although the south point at the Okanagan falls is the most preferred so far. There are other access points too on the west side, especially at Kaleden.

Vaseux Lake is better than Skaha Lake when it comes to bass fishing. It is regarded as the top lake for bass fishing as it produces largemouth bass that weigh more than 9lb each year. If you are into motor boat riding, just get ready to paddle or row a normal boat when you visit Vaseux Lake as the former is prohibited. The lake could be reached from the south side where there is a resort and you can hike or watch the scenery after a tiring bass fishing trip.

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