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Fishing for Bass during Pre-Spawn

When fishing for largemouth Bass the perfect time is during pre-spawn. This usually happens around Spring time when the days become longer and the water temperature reaches between 55 and 65 degrees. Both female and male Bass are attracted to shallow waters to spawn so plenty of the time Anglers will be able to locate them from the shore. They will have followed the shad during the colder months and will have gone into deeper waters. So they can still be located, if unable to from the shore, with a decent depth finder. In the spawning season the Bass tend to feed more aggressively and will stray from the Shad into shallower waters so you will need to be bit more creative with the types of bait being used. Crayfish are ideal however the speed at which they can move is something hard to replicate when fishing deeper waters so possible alternatives would be Craw worm, Lizards and most import of all the jig and pig type baits.

Bark_bass250As a member of the sunfish family, Bass will be followed by other members of the sunfish family into the shallower waters during the spring and therefore giving you a whole other selection of colours to choose from when fishing in particular chartreuse coloured baits. When using a crankbait or spinner be sure to use a slow retrieve and if the visibility is poor using a larger sized crank or a chartreuse spinner with oversized blade is best.

When fishing during the pre-spawn stage it is also possible to catch large amounts of bass in one holding area for consecutive days, sometimes weeks. However it is best to monitor this and keep track of the conditions as the schools of Bass can alter the location these schools will hold up in. Be sure to keep notes, mental or written, on where these holding areas are located for future fishing and be sure if possible to note everything as the conditions in the area you have had so much success in may be ones to look for in the next area the Bass will spawn in. If you become adept at following these traits in where the Bass are spawning you will surely have years of success fishing these beautiful fish. And one last thing to remember is that when fishing to make sure all females are produced back to the water where they can continue to spawn and continue the cycle.

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