Jeff Gustafson Stands Out Among American Fishing Champs

000124970_original_650x650Canadian bass fisher Jeff Gustafson has been making rounds in the fishing leagues for four years. He is the only Canadian fisherman angling on the day that has become quite a name in the circle of American fishermen. Once again, he stood out among American bass pros when he snagged the 34th place among 170 bass fishers in Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Other than this fishing event, Gustafson states that he has five more to attend which are all based in the U.S. His goal is to qualify for a spot in the Forrest Wood Cup for the first prize … Read More

16th Annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship

Bass fishers from all over North America united a week ago in Rainy Lake for the sixteenth yearly Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. With legendary anglers like Troy, Al, and James Lindner; chief of Rapala marketing, Mark Fisher; President of Northland Fishing Tackle, John Peterson; and defending champion for three years in a row and FLW Tour ace, Jim Moynagh, this competition has drawn attention from a large number of the best bass fishers from central and mid-west Canada. Kayaks for were also the flavor of the day with many of the avid entrants showing off their best fishing kayakRead More

To Catch a Bass, You Have to Be the Bass

Located up north, the Canadian waters are home to the likes of the Small and the Largemouth. These species of bass are considered to be one of the most popular game fishes in the world. Bass fishing can be somewhat a tricky thing to master, but with the right technique, you’ll be able to master this exciting sport in no time.


Most of us are probably familiar that the best time to hunt for bass is during the pre-spawn period during spring time. In order to increase our chances of securing a bass, we also need to know what the … Read More

Trip Down Memory Lane – How I Caught My First Bass

There are plenty of bass found in my area. I had always wanted to go bass fishing but never had the time for it. Lucky enough for me, I grew up now too far away from one of the best fishing spots in Canada, Jasper National Park.

So one day I planned for the fishing trip and went to the lake in my area to catch some bass. Since I was a newbie to fishing, I did not get any bass that day. There were a number of reasons for my returning empty handed but the most important one among … Read More

Family Fishing Trips at Kootenays

Kootenays is a perfect tourist destination for lovers of bass fishing. It boasts these lakes: Wasa Lake and Jim Smith Lake, close to Cranbrook, British Columbia; Duck Lake, close to Creston, BC, and Lake Windemere in Invermere. For over three decades, British Columbia has been among the leading providers of largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

Just fifty kilometres away from Cranbrook town, Wasa Lake is also within reach from Bavarian— a town in Kimberley. Wasa Lake has warm waters, explaining why it attracts many families that love to do largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing during their holidays. If you are, … Read More

Describing the Okanagan Valley

Alternatively called Okanagan Country or Okanagan, Okanagan Valley is a popular region in British Columbia, a well-known Canadian province. Okanagan Valley is a big basin consisting of Okanagan Lake and the Okanagan River section located in the Canadian side. This valley is a segment of the Okanagan Country that extends into the United States. It is called Okanagan Country in the US. The major town in the area is known as Kelowna and the whole of Okanagan region hosts up to three hundred and forty thousand people. Among the things that make the area so famous among tourists include the … Read More

Fishing for Bass during Pre-Spawn

When fishing for largemouth Bass the perfect time is during pre-spawn. This usually happens around Spring time when the days become longer and the water temperature reaches between 55 and 65 degrees. Both female and male Bass are attracted to shallow waters to spawn so plenty of the time Anglers will be able to locate them from the shore. They will have followed the shad during the colder months and will have gone into deeper waters. So they can still be located, if unable to from the shore, with a decent depth finder. In the spawning season the Bass tend … Read More